Monday, September 20, 2010

Helena's 17th Birthday Party .

Helena's 17th Birthday Party @ Akamomiji !
Happy 17th Birthday Baby . May all your dreams come true . I bet you had a memorable night . Much loves

Them people

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Updates .

The last post was on the 28 of May . It's 3 am now and I'm still awake . So yea , updates on what's happening recently . Holiday started two weeks ago and schooling's in 3 hours time .

Happenings during holidays :

7Sept - 9 Sept
Genting with cousins as usual . As always , second home is .

10 Sept
Ezrin's Raya Open House .
First of all , thanks for inviting . It's the second year I've been to your house . Enjoy laughing the whole afternoon with you girls . People who went were Jelyn PeiYen KuenMay Melissa Navin Viva Shalinii HoiYan Sarah & Zale :)

11 Sept
Eleena's Raya Open House .
Yada Yada , the second open house ! It was Eleena's . Haha . Brother fetched PeiYen & Mel opposite Hillcity Hotel since I dont know the way to her house . As usual , laughed all the way in car just because of one word PULAU . Her house is so so hard to find seriously . Too safe , too many safety guards in the area . Hahaha .

16 Sept
Jazmina's Raya Open House .
It was yesterday ! Most of them are from 4v3 . Everyone of us wore her baju kurung , I suggested first I think . Anyway , thanks ! Had fun with them people .

Overall , It's all about RAYA RAYA RAYA . Selamat Hari Raya to all the malay girls out there !

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Letter S .


But anyway , this is just a random post . I am proud to say that I complete my PJ paper in 10 mintues time ! HAHA . And and and , I hate letter 'S' .

S for Science .
S for Sejarah .
S for Sucks .
S for Shit .
S for Stupid .
S for Silly .

Conclusion , Sejarah & Science paper Sucks . I think Im going to flunk this two Shit Stupid or Silly papers . l0l .

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday !

I've been craving for dimsum since past few weeks . And so I went FohSan today .Parents drop me and brother there cuz they're having breakfast at another place . Not that nice seriously . I prefer Ming Court , opposite Foh San :D

Met up with
Weiwei , Sofea & Jackie . Kelvin come after that . Saw Leng & Chan Yang with their uncle . Mom picked us up later on . And fetched brother , Jackie & Kelvin to parade . Accompany mom to Yik Fong . Skip this part !

The main thing i wanna blog about is my registration in ILTI . With
JeLyn , her mom and sister .And when the speaking part ,

Teacher : Build a word using 'man' .
Jelyn : *silent motion* .

And when he comes to me , without thinking , i straight away answer ,

Me : My father is a man . ( I taught he ask me making sentences using the word 'man ' .HAHA )
Teacher : Of course your father is a 'man' . * I mean building a new word not making sentences *

Okay . This is so embarrasing . Really . We were laughing so hard . HAHA .

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Exam ?!

Just got back home from school . Still in my pinafore tho . Exam is approaching . This is seriously fast . Havent even flip a single page of the book . Addmaths is killing me ! Economics is confusing . Omg , I dont know a single thing . Not in the study mood . How can i sit for exam ? D:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pickatures .

Movie .

It's thursday babehhhhhhhhh ! Woke up early in the morning & mom fetched me to JieYan's house .
Later on , went to her mom's office and had breakfast there . Cheesecake ! Yummaylicious ! Waited for few hours there until 12 . Had lunch at idk-what-restaurant and headed to tuisyen centre for a mini award ceremony ? LOL . Before heading there , we as in me , JieYan & JeLyn went to Present Point to buy a gift as a thanksgiving for our teacher . We bought a plastic burger tupperware and a soft burger toy keychain since he loves burger so much and also an ink pen , not brandless one okay ? XD .

After everything end , went back to JieYan's mom office . Yes again . Stayed there until 5 i guess . Mom supposed to pick me somewhere but i was a lil bit hungry so went to a place called CHEER UP for teatime or dinner or whatever it is with JieYan , her sis and her mom .

Ahhhhhhhhh , took nap once i reached home . So so so tired mann . And went for movie @ JJ at night with brother , munchun , miko , jenny , chiaping etc etc . 13 of us i guess . We watched 'Just Another Pandora's Box'. Yumcha session after that . END .